How personality profiles have changed my work focus

I love understanding things, particularly myself. So I’m always drawn to personality tests and books on similar subjects. But a lot of the profiles don’t have much practical application once you know what category you fit into, so they just get stored away as another piece of knowledge.

Until a few years ago the best course I’d done was Insights. I did the assessment as part of a team when I worked in marketing. Very broadly there are four types of people – detailed/process oriented (Blue), focused/driven (Red), creative/innovative (Yellow) and people focused (Green).

TeamWhat I found so valuable about that course was that we each sat down with every other member of the team and talked about how we liked to work. And discovered that there were things we did that annoyed each other because of our different personalities. And then agreed ways to tackle these so we could work better together. It may sound simple and obvious, but how often do you actually sit down with each person in your team and have that kind of conversation?

It did have a significant impact on the way I worked with my colleagues from then on – and 7 years later if I come across someone who’s done Insights, I do ask them their profile so I have an idea how to work best with them.

Then I came across Wealth Dynamics. Wealth Dynamics was developed by Roger Hamilton and is aimed at entrepreneurs trying to increase the value of their business by understanding themselves and finding their natural path to wealth. It’s based on the creative cycle, and goes through the What, Who, When, Where, How of developing an idea. There are 8 profiles, split between extroverted and introverted and varying in the types of tasks they each prefer to do.

I first did the test a few years ago and didn’t really understand my result. I am a Lord and the descriptions and examples given on the websites are just not very inspiring. They all talk about leveraging money and cash assets, and it all seemed a bit irrelevant to me. I understood the Creator, the Star and the more obvious profiles, but the rest didn’t really make as much sense.

But early last year I did an online course run by Osmaan Sharif of Rapid Transformation which explained all of the profiles in detail, and more importantly gave us the opportunity to ask detailed questions about the profiles. That was what made me really understand my talents.

For a long time I’ve managed projects, and been very good at it. And I also have very good attention to detail and am Alonealways tweaking documents and web pages to get them just right. But both of those things never felt quite right, like there was something missing. That’s because they’re in my secondary profiles of Accumulator and Mechanic.

My primary talent as a Lord is providing structure – setting up processes, creating plans, understanding links and interdependencies, analytically assessing scenarios, categorising things, reviewing progress and streamlining systems to make them more efficient. The thing I do naturally is start working out how to make something happen before someone’s finished their sentence telling me about their amazing new idea.

And now I know that, I can’t un-know it. So while managing projects and tweaking details are fine and I’m good at them, they just don’t compare to doing what I love, which is taking a new idea and putting a structure and a plan round it so that it can be implemented. If someone’s already done that before I get involved in a project, they’ve ruined all my fun!

I’ve already put that talent to good use by helping a number of creative ideas people and businesses plan their projects, assess a choice of business ideas, or work out what to outsource. And in 2015 I’m hoping to work out a way to use my talents for even more of the time, so that I can do what I love more frequently and add value to businesses that need my skills to help them grow.

Have you done Insights or Talent Dynamics? Did you find any value in them for you?

Or are there other profiles that you’ve found of similar value?

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