Why you won’t see me on social media this week

I’ve decided to have a week away from social media again. I haven’t done that for a while, but I always benefit when I do. (See here and here for what I found our from my last social media holiday.)

Why do I need a social media holiday?

It’s always good to have a break from social media in my opinion, as it can take over your life if you’re not careful. But my reasons for doing it this week are:

  • Because there’s too much information on there, and I need my brain to be quiet and free of other people’s thoughts at the moment.
  • Because I’ve got stuff to get done! And so I don’t need the distraction…
  • Because I’ve got back into that bad habit of “quickly” flicking into Facebook to see what’s going on. Which leads to random conversations and half an hour later nothing achieved. Followed by a “quick” delve into Twitter and getting distracted by interesting articles or chats. And then a “quick” look at LinkedIn in case something has happened there instead…..
  • Because there are many other things I want to read – books and magazines. Music I want to listen to. Films I want to watch. So I’m going to do all those things instead.
  • Because I want to make the effort to talk to people in real life, not on a computer screen. I want to get out and about and catch up with people face to face!

Exceptions to this social media break

As it’s my social media holiday I can make up my own rules!

Basically I’m not allowed to open Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn on my laptop or via the iOS apps. But it’s fine to post from WordPress or Instagram or SocialOomph. And if I get an email notification that relates to a work opportunity, I’m allowed to action that.

Am I extending it to browsing PInterest, Instagram and Flickr to look at photos of nice things? Hmm, I don’t know. I probably should include those as well, they might not hurt my brain as much but they can use up hours just gazing at cute penguins or amazing trees.

I’ll be back at the weekend to interact and post. Until then, I’ll be off doing productive or fun things, so see you on the other side….


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