So a weird thing happened

A weird thing happened to me the other day. For a few hours I had nothing to worry about, nothing to mull over in my mind.

It was an odd feeling. Kind of nice. But strange.

The thing I’d been worrying about for a few weeks had moved on to a new phase, into The Vale of There’s Nothing To See Here Yet. Nothing to think about there for a week or so. Thinking postponed.

And deliciously there wasn’t anything else on my mind. So I listened to some music and relaxed.

And got on with just being for a while. A few hours.

Of course a chance comment changed all that in an instant. An innocent sentence or two that made my heart sink.

And now my mind is back where it feels comfortable. Mulling something over. Pondering on scenarios and reactions and options.

But with an awareness of what I’m doing this time. I’m amused because I know that my mind is doing this.

In the space of just being, I saw what life would be like without incessant thinking. And I liked it, in an uncomfortable sort of way.

So that new thought? Well it happens that I already know the answer, so I don’t need to give it any attention.

I’m going to banish it to The River of Things Discarded and get back to enjoying the silence.

Eckhart Tolle

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