Some of my favourite illustrators

I’m fortunate enough to have come into contact with a lot of amazing creative people through my participation in the 30 Day Challenge over the last few years. My creative outlet is photography, and my drawing skills are limited to sketching weird penguins, so I’m in awe of anyone who can actually draw!

I thought I’d share details of a few of my favourite illustrators:

Michi Mathias

Michi says on her website that she loves making things clearer through drawing. She’s created a series of graphic recipes and various comics and bespoke illustrations.

I like the incredible attention to detail in all her work – and I asked her to create an illustration for me to explain the variety of things I like and do:

Michi MathiasYou can visit her website here.

Richard Pettitt

Richard draws and paints portraits of dogs, capturing them in a variety of different poses and settings. He says that he loves drawing dogs because of the expressions on their faces, and you can see that so clearly in his images.

My favourite is a brown ink painting of a Finnish Lapphund – and one of Richard’s recent favourites is below:

Richard Pettitt Art Richard Pettitt Art

And that reminds me, I really must get round to commissioning Richard to draw my dog niece and dog nephew!

You can find out more about Richard’s dog portraits and other work here.

Rhian Wyn Harrison

Rhian describes her work as quirky mixed media design – and each week she submits a drawing to Illustration Friday, which asks illustrators to create something based on that week’s theme. Below is a colourful puffin she created one week.

Rhian Wyn Harrison, puffin

You can see Rhian’s fabulous creations here.

She has also drawn penguins in the past (I do tend to brainwash people), and we visited some real penguins in March last year when I was in Torquay – the penguin in the photo below seems to be trying to explain something to her….

And here for comparison is my effort at drawing a penguin. I don’t think there’s a career in art beckoning for me….


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