Spring has sprung and is inspiring changes

So, it’s now officially spring again. The clocks have gone forwards, and the evenings will start to get lighter.

Animals are coming out of hibernation, yawning and stretching, and limbering up for a bit of running around being frisky. The flowers are following the lead of the daffodils and crocuses and poking their heads out of the ground, adding flashes of colours to the woods and the roadside verges.

And it’s time for a bit of spring cleaning, both physically and mentally.

Having been hibernating since December, it’s time for me to get moving again too. The house needs a good tidy and a clean. I need to get myself back down to the gym again, even if only gently at first.There are walks to be explored and places to visit again.

And I need to clear out some of the rubbish in my head and get started properly on my 2015 plans. I’ve already closed down some projects, accepting that they’d had their time and were no longer for me. I’ve chosen which memberships to renew or initiate, and which to part company with. So just a few remaining things to iron out in my mind, and then it’s time to get on with the proper work plans for the year…..

I do like spring – a time for new beginnings, or revisiting old things with a fresh eye.

What are you planning to reinvent now it’s time to emerge again? What old habits and projects will you be letting go?

Daffodils in bloom

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