A month of photos – with a blue theme

As I mentioned here, I planned to spend the whole of March doing a daily photo challenge.

I had chosen the theme “blue”, which some days did prove to be quite challenging. The only naturally occurring blue things in nature are the sky and flowers, and there are no blue foods (I did consider experimenting with food colouring but never got round to it).

My favourite photo of the whole month was this one of the sea (a little poetic license here and an Instagram filter, as the sea wasn’t especially blue that day!) I hadn’t seen the sea for a few months and I was delighted to be reunited with it again.

Beach hut, Hayling Island

On quite a few days I ended up photographing random objects around the house – a jay cloth provided an interesting texture when viewed from an unusual angle, and blanket tassles provided an intriguing image.

I found I was getting a bit fed up trying to find things to photograph every day though, and wondered whether the theme was too difficult. But I think I get like that towards the end of a month of photos anyway, even if there is no theme.

On one photo challenge I did, the green one, I was joined by lots of other people, all doing photo challenges either on the same theme or their own. This time I didn’t have that, and although I checked in on a few people it wasn’t the same.

But I like doing photo challenges because they do make me notice things, little details around me, words that speak to me, objects seen afresh. So I will continue to do them from time to time – and I enjoy checking in on creative challenges that other people have set themselves.

If you fancy a future photo challenge, get in touch and let me know. Or you can just admire my random collection of blue photos over at my Instagram page.

Photo challenge 1 Photo challenge 2

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