Why little details are important to me

Yesterday I was grumpy. I won’t go into that right now, although I’m sure there’s a blog post or two in there.

At the end of the day when I was cooking dinner, I thought back on all the hours of that day, looking for good things in amongst the stuff that got me down.

And I found a few. Just little observations, images that popped into my head and made me smile.

  • I saw a picture of the dog that won Crufts, called Knopa. I like him, he’s unusual, with his funny shaped head and big eyebrows.
  • In the morning there were robins flying around the garden, they must have a nest nearby. One sat on the table outside the patio door and looked at me with its beady eyes.
  • I walked 10 minutes along the road to run an errand and there were lots of purple flowers by the side of the pavement.
  • One of my Facebook friends shared a photo of a penguin with me.
  • A horse (and rider) trotted past my house, the sound of its hooves echoing around the road.

I find in the midst of being busy, if I take the time to notice the little details around me, things I come across, it gives me a sign that the world is OK really. Even if I’m having a hideous day.

For many years I didn’t acknowledge these things and realise their significance. I was so busy, visiting sales reps and exhibitions in the UK and far flung parts of the Netherlands and Sweden. I did notice details, because I always do, I often jot down observations in a travel diary. But I didn’t appreciate them for what they were – my own individual view of the things I did and the places I visited, the things that kept me sane, a way of nurturing my sense of wonder about the world.

And that’s what I’ve got back over the last few years – my sense of wonder. 

Appreciating the little quirks in my daily routine, the things I always see on car journeys I do regularly, the little bits of the natural world that sneak into my view unexpectedly, the details of life that make me smile.

Taking photos of things I see has become easier now phones have decent cameras on them. And if I see something I want to remember, I have the Evernote app to hand as well. So I’m always able to capture details and thoughts.

For those days when everything seems pointless and just feels like an obligation to someone else, when everyone is having more fun than me (thanks Facebook), when I’m waiting for news that just isn’t coming, and when I haven’t had time to indulge in the things I enjoy. If I didn’t have those little details, some days would just feel soulless. 

But a sense of wonder and curiosity, and a dedication to noticing things, that’s what keeps me going on those days.

That’s why little details are important to me. 

Cheerful pansy

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