Those blog posts that never quite make it

I was reading a blog post by fellow CBWM participant Soozi Baggs, about procrastination and resistance, and it made me think.

She talks about those blog posts that get written and edited and played around with, but never quite get to be published. And I realised I have quite a few of those loitering around my drafts collection.

So what is the difference between those posts and the ones that get published?

Often I find that the ones that get published are those that just type themselves. Like this one. I read something, it inspired me, I had time to sit and type my thoughts about it, so I did and here is a blog post! Those are the ones that get written and then scheduled as soon as I’ve finished them, a lovely straightforward process.

Whereas the ones that stay as drafts and never get published are generally the ones where I’m either trying to justify something to myself, or where I’m thinking something through but it’s too complicated to reach a conclusion at that time. Every now and then I’ll pop back in and read them, but will realise that I no longer see what I was trying to write, think that the subject is just not interesting to anyone else, or know that I’m just not ready to finish the thought process for whatever reason.

Blogging is weird. Inspiration just appears in random moments, triggered by all sorts of unexpected things. The reason that CBWM helped my blogging so much was that it forced me to get into the habit of finding that inspiration, of acting on weird intuitive moments to write the things I needed to say at that time. And some of my best blog posts have been those that just came from nowhere and surprised even me.

I’m drafting a blog post at the moment that was going to be my next one. However I’m not 100% sure I will publish it. It’s one where I’m thinking something through, exploring what I’ve learned, and I’m not sure I’m ready to share the conclusion quite yet.

So in the meantime, there’s this one, that just appeared in my brain and overtook the draft that I was planning to work on this morning! Do you have similar blogging habits or do all yours get published once you start them?

And here’s a photo that’s totally unrelated to the blog post, as I like to share a bit of randomness every now and then.

Last weekend I went to Regent’s Park to photograph the ducks and geese. And this particular goose and its partner stared at me as walked past taking photos, guarding their gosling fiercely.

Goose and gosling

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