Exploring doesn’t always involve travelling far

I wrote a To Do list earlier this week, of nice things I want to do with my time over the next couple of weeks.

On my list was “visit Keukenhof”, because I have never been there. It’s a garden near Amsterdam where every year they create a display of all the colours of flowers that the Dutch flower fields have to offer. Unfortunately it’s only open for a certain part of the year, and will be closing for 2015 very soon. Realistically, I’m not going to get to visit this year.

White tulip

So when I heard Wisley mentioned on the traffic news on the radio this morning, RHS Wisley naturally popped into my head. As I bit of time free this afternoon and needed a distraction, I decided to visit and take some photos of the flowers there instead.

The gardens are in full bloom at the moment, with rhododendrons everywhere, and bluebells and tulips mingling with all sorts of colourful flowers I’ve never heard of. I spotted this tulip – an odd one out in a bed of pure white tulips. I saw bees buzzing in and out of flowers, ferns unfurling and cacti flowering. And I found tiny flowers of all hues hidden away amongst green foliage.

I love exploring gardens and taking photos of all the little details I notice, especially on a sunny day like today. So it was a couple of hours well spent. It reminds me once again that we don’t need to travel too far to be able to explore and feel like we’ve travelled somewhere – a quick trip round the M25 (yes, I realise the irony of that phrase) might provide just as much adventure and opportunity to explore.

And as a result of my photo expedition I’ve also just discovered a new online photo editing tool, PicMonkey. I wanted to put the three photos below in a collage as I found the plants next to each other, and they show the same species in different stages of flowering.

Colourful collage

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