Why I’m pondering the future of this blog

This blog has gone through several phases in its life. Its recent reincarnation happened at a time when I was sitting around at home recovering from an operation, with a lot of time on my hands to think and to write. And the posts got a bit more philosophical and felt a bit more personal.

As I go into a new phase in my working life, one that involves sitting in an office with other people again, I am wondering at the wisdom of regularly publishing my inner thoughts on a blog and on social media. And about my enthusiasm and time available for writing and posting other articles.

Writing is unlikely to be a way of earning money for me – not directly at least, not in the sense of being paid for the articles I write – and therefore I don’t need a portfolio of examples of my work. In employment, writing is something I will do to varying degrees to communicate information – and in self-employment, writing and blogging has been a way to share information about me and my services with potential clients.

So why do it and why continue it?

Because sometimes there are thoughts I just want to share. Things that I suspect others in a similar situation will relate to and I’m interested to hear their views on. Or information on something that needs more than a quick tweet or Facebook post to encapsulate it all.

Because writing is my thought process. And this blog has helped me come to some conclusions and made me take action on a few things recently, which has been very valuable.

Because I like the process of having an idea, structuring an article and then adding all the details. I enjoy writing.

Because blogging regularly is good writing practice for me and will make it easier for me to get started on more challenging writing tasks.

Because writing is my creative outlet, encouraging me to share words and images in my own unique way.

Because I like finding a photo to accompany the article. I have so many photos of my own that I rarely use stock photographs. It’s a great way for me to share them and find ones I’d forgotten about.

My blogging topics will inevitably change over the coming months. And I won’t necessarily blog as often.

But I’ll still be here, and every now and then I’m sure I’ll have another phase of blogging enthusiastically. If there’s another Come Blog With Me later in the year for example.

Lake at Black Park

2 thoughts on “Why I’m pondering the future of this blog

  1. Phew so glad you’ll be continuing with the blog! I love reading your posts. Good luck with your new job πŸ™‚ x

    • Thanks Marteen, I’ll still be here even if not as often – hopefully I’ll keep up with what you’re all up to as well πŸ™‚

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