Why we don’t need to move to the Caribbean to be happy

I read an article recently about a woman who gave up a well-paid job in New York to go and live on an island in the Caribbean, and now works as a barmaid there. And the thing that struck me most about the article was the reason she said she did it – to change the narrative of her life.

Of course everyone has different dreams. We don’t all want to live on Caribbean islands and serve ice cream or beer.

Hmm. Although now that you come to mention it, that might be nice for a while, for a break…..

*Gets temporarily distracted by thoughts of Aruba and Tobago…*

But regardless of our dreams and our means to achieve them, we do all have a choice about what we do every day and how we react to situations. And often we also have a choice about where we live and what we do for a living – it’s just that sometimes we don’t see that for all the “obstacles” in the way.

Perhaps we’re immersed in the minutiae of a life caring for others and our choice is how to respond to those challenges and how much of our surroundings to notice.

Or maybe we have a secret dream to visit a far flung place and we just squirrel away a small amount of money each week to make that happen one day in the future.

Or we’re busy in a career and our choices are about where we move to next, physically and mentally – whether to continue on the same path, whether to take a new role in another country or whether to opt for a simple life for a while to reassess things.

We all have the power to change the narrative of our lives. One thought at a time. One action at a time.

It doesn’t have to be a big move to the other side of the world or leaving work to live in a tent off-grid somewhere. It could just be choosing to notice and appreciate things every day. Taking a small step towards a distant dream. Trying something new, or taking up an opportunity that appeals. Or ensuring we do something each day which makes us smile.


One thought on “Why we don’t need to move to the Caribbean to be happy

  1. It’s so important to appreciate and to be happy with your life the way it is now. And those little tips in the last paragraph are the perfect way to do so NIna 🙂 Sometimes it’s the little things we do can make all the difference to our happiness.

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