Why my blog is a little quiet at the moment

You may or may not have noticed my absence. It’s only been a few weeks, but having got into the habit of blogging regularly I do notice that I haven’t posted anything in a while.

I’ve got a job now (I was self-employed for 18 months and doing part-time contracts before that) and I’m still adjusting to the new rhythm of my days and weeks.

I feel guilty for temporarily abandoning my blog, but I just don’t have the energy to write at the moment. In the mornings I’m busy getting up and heading out the door to beat the traffic, and in the evenings my brain is full of work things and I have no desire to sit in front of a computer or type for hours on my iPad.

So instead I’m concentrating on gradually implementing all the lessons I learned while self-employed, but in a new space.

Going out for a walk every day. Exploring footpaths near my office that I don’t know. Trying to do certain types of tasks at specific times of the day. Eating a healthy diet and planning my lunches.

Setting boundaries on my office hours and when I check my emails. Getting to know my new colleagues and how I can work best with each of them. And choosing enjoyable things to do with my evenings and weekends, no obligations.

And outside my window not much has changed – the world is still turning, flowers are still flowering (mainly in pinks and blues it seems), and the weather still has no idea what it’s doing. The comforting normality of nature.

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