About this blog – an update

3 years ago I started writing creative snippets and publishing them on a blog.

However in the last 18 months or so while self-employed, I’ve been side tracked by writing longer blog posts on life, the universe and everything.

As I’ve now started a full-time, permanent job which is very busy, I don’t have the time for long navel gazing posts any more.

But I do miss blogging. I miss that creative rush of an idea that is then published for the world to see.

And I miss the creative ones, the inclusion of a photo, the random selection of words – sometimes the subject or meaning is obvious, and sometimes deliberately or unintentionally oblique. Almost like poetry but not quite.

I have been secretly writing the snippets, just not as often, and none of them have been published. Just hidden away in a dusty online folder, waiting for their moment. Sometimes amazing me with their incisiveness or their brilliance. Often that nobody else would understand. But that I do.

So I have collected together my old blog posts and am getting started again.

I might publish a few of the hidden away snippets first. But I will also get back into writing regularly and get back into the habit of sharing posts. It’s been a missing part of me that I need to reignite. See what happens.

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