Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

Goodbye to today. Today is gone, today is no more. I have checked out, I have left my hotel key at reception. Today no longer holds my interest, it’s time for a new start again.

The beauty of tomorrow is that it’s always there, waiting in the wings, waiting to save us from ourselves. We can take comfort in hard times by knowing that tomorrow will always be better, it will always be a new day with new possibilities, leaving behind today and anything bad that came of it.

Sometimes we wake up and are reminded of yesterday, but mostly we are just pleased it’s now tomorrow. Except now tomorrow is today, and we might not like it so much by the end of the day.

So at the start of today it’s usually amazing and exciting territory to explore. By the end, like now, it’s often just something to be got rid of and moved on from.

Occasionally we don’t want today to end, we want to cherish it for the moments it has brought, before they turn into moments from yesterday and all that means.

So goodbye to today, it’s been another day. This one I don’t want back, unlike other moments I’d love to revisit.

The end of the day

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