The need to blog

Written while on a plane, just got round to posting….

So I haven’t written a blog post in a while. Just the creative snippets which I enjoy finding in the corners of my brain. But I’ve been reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” and was inspired to write a longer post. Also I’m sitting on a plane with over an hour left of my journey, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to write while I have that cherished free time.

My thoughts these days are mostly taken up with work, having gone back to a full time (and more) job. It’s very busy and I’m learning a lot about myself as well as about the projects I’m working on. I do believe that opportunities and people present themselves in our lives for a reason, and while I have no idea what the reason for my latest chapter is right now, I’m determined to absorb and ponder every moment of it. Which takes up a lot of my brain when I’m not thinking about the things I’m working on.

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about creating (which for her means writing), and how if we’re drawn to do it, we should do it. And not care what others think, not try to create something meaningful – just create what we want to create. Whether it’s in addition to our way of earning a living or is the main way we do it.

And that reminded me of Come Blog With Me, which renewed my enthusiasm for blogging. I wrote every day for 28 days, sometimes surprisingly profound and thoughtful things, sometimes just rambling sentences that popped into my head. But it was all mine, all the contents of my own head, and I loved doing it. I realised that I think through my writing, so that’s what it means to me – and if others happened to relate to posts I’d written that was a lovely bonus.

So why have I not been blogging since I started this new job?

Time, mainly. In recent weeks I haven’t had much spare time at all, and if I have then my creative time has only allowed the random selection of words on My Creative Snippets rather than fully formed sentences and trains of thought.

And also because it’s one thing blogging when you work by yourself and occasionally pop out and interact with the outside world, but when you’re working mostly in an office with other people, it’s not so easy. If my inspiration to write comes from my life and the people around me, that means what I write is often influenced by day to day occurences and by things my colleagues say to me, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with sharing my ponderings on those quite so publicly.

So the random posts are here to stay for the moment, an oblique and abstract representation of my weekly life, my inner thoughts, or just some words that appeared in my head while I had an iPad in my hand.

Sun through the trees

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