An alphabet of photos

I started writing this post shortly after I finished my November photo challenge. And then things got busy and I didn’t have time to finish it. But finally I’ve had a bit of spare time to edit it and publish it….

So I did it, I completed my month of photos – at least according to my own rules. (And as it was my challenge, I was allowed to make up the rules on how I did it.)

I took (almost) one photo a day, starting A and ending at Z.

I ended up with a totally random selection of photos as I usually do with these challenges – this time split between outdoors, food/drink and cheating photos using alphabet spaghetti! I was also a little liberal in my assigning of letters eg J for “Joy at eating a nice cheesecake”.

Below are a very small selection, and if you’d like to browse through the rest, visit my Instagram page to see them all…..

So what did I learn this time?
As always it was sometimes tricky to maintain enthusiasm and inspiration. But a goal keeps me going every day, which is why I enjoy doing these photo challenges. I deliberately missed out N, which was on the Saturday the day after the Paris attacks, because my random photo challenge felt a little too lighthearted for the mood of the day. I forgot R because I was busy. And I took a couple of days to finish the challenge completely and get to Z.

But it encouraged me to take photos from different angles and use different filters on Instagram to make ordinary things look different and artistic. My Maltesers experiment failed though, as I played with the colours so much people thought they were giant baked beans!

I liked the photos that I filtered in black and white and wonder whether this might be my next photo challenge, sometime next year. A daily photo which I then change into black and white.

Other people’s approach to the challenge
A couple of my creative friends joined me in the photo challenge. I like it when others take part in my photo challenges, as it is great to motivate me and to see what they’re up to. Lotte took the opportunity to get creative and arty and post a photo each day of her efforts. And Gwyneth took book-themed photos to fit in with her new website plans.

And what’s next for my photography?
I’ll definitely do another photo challenge sometime next year with my phone. And I’d like to book on a couple of photography days out/courses to make sure I do get out and use my DSLR more.

In the meantime I was given a new lens for Christmas so am off out to experiment with that at some point in the next week. And I’m sorting back through the photos I took in 2015 to see whether I forgot to share any gems.

And below you can see a sample of my photos from November:
A is for Atmospheric
F is for Farnham (and foliage)
U is for Underground (and sparkly Christmas lights)
W is for Westminster

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