31 (ish) days of sky

In January I decided to do another photo challenge, with one difference to previous ones I’ve done. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it, mainly so I wouldn’t have to post every day or leave updates. This could have backfired on me and made me give up without encouragement, but actually I did see it through. I think next time I will ask others to join me though, I like it when I can see everyone else’s photos as well.

The challenge was to take a photo of the sky every day. No other rules.

I discovered fairly quickly that when taking photos of the sky I was always drawn to include something less in the photo, especially if the sky was all one colour with no cloud or differences in light. This included trees, architectural features, statues and in some cases whole scenes.


I also kept spotting great photos while I was driving and couldn’t take them! A row of geese flying across a sky lit pale orange by sunrise, a line of birds sitting above an underpass on a dual carriageway, with a mottled sky behind. Moments that stuck in my head, that I noticed because I was looking out for imagery.

There were a few days I didn’t take photos. Days I either didn’t go outside, or when I just wasn’t outside for long enough to grab an opportunity. I decided not to feel guilty about this – after all it was my photo challenge, my rules. And on some days I took more than one photo as something was particularly inspiring or beautiful.

I took photos first thing in the morning, last thing at night, in the car park at work, while taking a break at lunchtime, or deliberately on a walk I’d taken to find a photo moment. I explained my photo challenge to people who wondered why I was taking photos of the sky. I involved others in my walks. And it meant that some days I made the effort to go outside for some fresh air when I was really busy, just to find 5 minutes to take a photo or two.

I ended up with a selection of photos of many colours, with natural and man made features included. In 31 days the sky varies a lot – blue, grey, orange, textured, flat, light and dark. Another successful photo challenge, and another collection of varied yet themed photos.

I may not be getting out as much with my DSLR as much as I would like to, but at least I’m still taking photos. Then once the evenings get lighter again, hopefully I will get out and about more.

Have you completed any photo challenges recently? Are you planning to do one again soon?


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