Blogging again?

It’s funny what drives me to write blog posts. Sometimes it’s inspiration, sometimes it’s annoyance about something, and sometimes it’s just having too much spare time on my hands. Today it’s the latter. 

My first day of maternity leave, coming after a busy couple of weeks at work, finishing off reports and handing over projects and responsibilities to other people. Days when I didn’t always get a lunch break, and sometimes worked later into the evening than I’d have liked to. 

And then today, I got up and had nothing to do. Well nothing that involved writing anything or managing projects at least. I’ve mostly kept myself occupied with baby preparation things – shopping, writing lists and a bit of tidying up. 

But eventually my brain needed something to keep it busy. I remembered a couple of years ago when I was recuperating after some surgery, and I did Lotte’s Come Blog With Me challenge. 28 days of blogging every day, which was perfect to give me a little bit of a purpose, and provided a few interesting insights for me along the way. And so my fingers quickly turned to WordPress today, starting a new blog post to provide a blank space for me to fill with words. 

It’s an interesting thing, the concept of being busy. Should it worry me that I can’t go a day without needing to create something, to use my brain? Perhaps I should be getting some rest instead?! After all, this is the last opportunity I’ll have to do as much uninterrupted reading, listening to music, watching of films etc as I want! 

But then for me, blogging is not really about keeping busy, it’s about the creative process, which in itself is relaxing. I blog more when I have more spare time because thoughts creep into my head and I can act on them. Maybe I’ll come back to that thought about busy-ness, as it’s a big difference I noticed between going from freelance life back to employed life.

I am sure if I stick with this every day (as I get back into the creative habit again), the posts will get more interesting the more I write. What I’m not sure is how many I’ll actually get to complete and publish before the baby decides to put in an appearance…….

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