About time

So I browsed through a couple of draft blog posts I’ve got stored. But decided against publishing them. One because it was a particularly topical one, and was no longer relevant. The other was fine, but it just wasn’t calling to me to publish it. It felt like I was forcing the subject to fit into a blog post, but there wasn’t a proper conclusion to give it a point.

But if I’m not going to use either of those, that means I have to write about something else, and I don’t think I have anything to write about! This blog is about creating and exploring, and I’m not doing much of either of those at the moment. My main life observations today are about the weather and about time. The weather isn’t that fascinating, especially when it’s grey and gloomy. I suppose time could be worth exploring, maybe I’ll give that a go. 

Time. The contrast between time spent 9 to 5 in an office and time not spent in an office. 

Last week I didn’t have enough time. I had wall to wall meetings, and had work to do that I had to fit in around those meetings. I didn’t have much spare time at all. Let alone time to myself to think. This week I have oodles of time, all of it spare and most of it unallocated to things. No hurry to leave the house in the morning, no commute, few appointments and no real deadlines. Except the one I can’t control of course, namely when my baby decides to put in an appearance!

I think there is a place for being busy and having things to do, as long as “being busy” doesn’t subconsciously become the main objective of every day, with an associated feeling of guilt when not doing something. But I think it’s also good to have that spare time, to slow down, to have no particular purpose and to just let the mind wander creatively. 

I suspect my view on time will change again in the coming weeks, as a new arrival takes over all of my waking (and night time) hours. So until then, I’d best not complain about having “too much” time on my hands, I shall make the most of it, but without succumbing to “being busy” just to fill it all. 

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