Is blogging better with friends?

I decided last week to start writing on my blog again, while I have some time between finishing work and baby arriving. However, I’ve been struggling to work out what to write about the last few days. I’ve half written two posts, but neither really came together satisfactorily.

Part of that is of course because I’m in a weird “in between” phase. Where I’m not working, And I’m not looking after a newborn baby. But I’m also not doing anything else really, except final preparations for our new arrival, bits of admin, reading books, drinking tea and catching up with people. I usually write about places or photography or my random creative thoughts, but I’m not really getting out much as I can’t walk as far as I usually can! And I’m sure nobody wants to read about me doing my tax return and buying up half of Boots…..

I think it may also be that I’m blogging by myself. When I did a blogging challenge a couple of years ago, I had 10 or so other people to keep me motivated. And when I’ve done 30 Day challenges on other creative projects there have been many many people also doing the same, again all supporting each other. There are a few Facebook groups I can share the occasional blog post in, but not daily. And of course Twitter and my Facebook page. 

It’s funny, because like any other form of creativity, blogging shouldn’t be about how many people read or like a post. I just find that it feels like it has more of a point if other people relate to what I’m writing. I write plenty of other things as well, and that is often stuff that I never share – so for me, blogging is as much for communicating with other people as it is for my own creative soul. 

So what next? 

Finish this and send it out into the great wide world by itself. And see if anyone notices……

Then watch out for what inspires me tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. 

Keep at it, keep writing, keep publishing. Whether daily or not – the frequency was my idea, so I can adapt it as I wish. And I will try my best to honour my plan to blog while I have time.

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