My creative plans for 2017-18

I now have limited spare time, and if I’m alone with my newborn baby, I rarely get to finish anything in one sitting. Meals, writing emails or text messages, thoughts, blog posts…… (ironically at this point I was interrupted…..)

So this means I have to focus on a very small number of projects, not dabble in lots of things. And that this is my plan for the next 12 months:

  1. Enter one photography competition – Maidenhead and Me (which is also an exhibition) – closing date September 2017
  2. Write and publish an ebook about my creative projects – by May 2018
  3. Continue to write down all my creative project ideas for future use – ongoing 
  4. Contribute to charity and community projects where I can, even if it’s just helping with jdeas or doing a bit of communicating on social media – ongoing

I have already started on both 1 and 2, so next time I have a spare 15-20 minutes, I just need to pick up one of them and do the next small action. 

I already know that I can complete projects by doing small actions regularly, so this approach makes sense to me. I wonder how easy it will be now though……

What’s your current creative project?
Do you think you have time to do it?
If not, would 15-20 minute blocks of time help you to make progress? 

Photo: swan and cygnet relaxing in Maidenhead

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