5 of my favourite things 

A couple of years ago I went through a phase of posting regular “things I’m grateful for this week” posts. Now feels like a good time to do something similar again, while I have a slower pace of life and less time to write long blogs.

So here are my favourite things this week:

  • Sleep – I never thought I’d be so thrilled at getting 3-4 hours sleep in a row!
  • Friends – visits and messages keeping me in touch with the outside world and talking about stuff other than babies, until I can get out and about again properly
  • My iPad – information, entertainment and communication, plus it’s a notepad I can use with one hand whenever an idea or task springs to mind!
  • Facebook groups – asking for a recommendation for photo mount suppliers saved me hours of research. Groups are probably my favourite thing about Facebook, they cancel out the annoyance of all the ads and things I don’t want to read
  • Blogs and resources on new motherhood – the ones that just get it – with special mentions to Mush (I like the style of their blogs), and New Mama Welcome Pack’s free video course (mindset and motivation for creative and self-employed mums)

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