My August photo challenge 

I haven’t done a photo challenge for a while, so I’ve decided to do another one during August. This time, the theme will be “black & white” – I’ll take a photo each day and then upload it to Instagram with a black and white filter. This is one I’ve been meaning to do for a while but never got round to.

If you’d also like to do a photo challenge in August, post a comment below or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter and share your website/social media link. You don’t have to use my theme – just use the hashtag #augphotos wherever you choose to post them.

If you’re interested in reading about my previous challenges, follow the links below…

No set theme (1 month, 1 photo a day)
My first one had no theme, although a couple did emerge after I saw all the photos together. Read about this one here.

Green (1 month, 1 photo a day)

This one split nicely into natural green things and other green objects. Read about it here.

Blue (1 month, 1 photo a day)

This was done during a month when I couldn’t get out much. I found blue challenging as I usually like taking photos of the natural world, but it meant the end collection was a bit different. Read about this one here.

Autumn colours (1 month, 1 photo a day)

A seasonal challenge with lots of browns and yellows. Read about it here. Also on Flickr
An alphabet (1 month, 1 photo a day)

I cheated slightly and didn’t quite do the whole alphabet – but mostly! Read about this one here.

Sky (1 month, 1 photo a day)

This one helped me to get out more in January and to notice different things. Read about it here.

Maidenhead wander (an afternoon) 

A wander round Maidenhead, finding interesting things to photograph in a place I know well. Read about this one here.

Oxford workshop (an afternoon)

I didn’t get time to write this up as a blog post, but it was an afternoon workshop booked via a Red Letter Day voucher. We had a guide/tutor to take us around Oxford and help us with ideas and practical tips.
You can see a selection of my photos here – an eclectic urban mix.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo workshop (1 day)

This was a one day workshop at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. This was organised by ZSL, and run by wildlife photographer Dave Stevenson. Again I didn’t have time to write about this as a blog post, so the photos are only on Flickr. It was a brilliant day, wandering around with other enthusiastic photographers, having time to take as many photos as we wanted while getting tuition from a professional.

You can see the resulting photos here. My favourite images are the lemurs and the lynx kittens.

Creative moments

I love the idea of the 365 days challenge. I started one in January 2016, broadening it to writing and any other creative ideas as well as just photography. I didn’t finish it – but I did do about 100 days, and it was an interesting collection of snippets and images. Read about this one here.

What photo challenges have you set yourself?
Post your own examples in the comments, it would be nice to share them! 

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