My creative progress and current barriers

About 6 weeks ago I wrote a post about my creative plans for 2017/2018. My plans were:

  • Enter one photography competition – Maidenhead and Me (which is also an exhibition) – closing date September 2017
  • Write and publish an ebook about my creative projects – by May 2018
  • Continue to write down all my creative project ideas for future use – ongoing
  • Contribute to charity and community projects where I can, even if it’s just helping with ideas or doing a bit of communicating on social media – ongoing

So how’s that been going so far?

I have chosen, printed and framed my entry for the photo competition, and will deliver it with the entry form in a couple of weeks time. Having completed this task, I have been looking at other photography ideas.

I’ve started a photo challenge for August (see this post for details).  

I’ve been looking at ways to use the photos I have in my collection – photo books, framing some for the house. Slow progress on the books as I find online photo book creators very frustrating! 

I would also like to sell cards and prints, but this is bringing up lots of doubts for me – basically that I don’t think my photos are good enough, and I don’t think people would be interested in buying them. There is a very small selection on Etsy if you would like to look and give me any feedback. My other favourites are on Flickr and I may print these on cards in future.

Writing about my creative projects
I’ve written a few chapters, but am feeling unexcited about the book. I was hoping that my journey from frustrated full-time contractor to creatively enlightened freelancer might be interesting and help others embark on their own creative projects. But in truth all I’ve really done on this journey is write a few blogs and take a few photos, and then go back into full-time employment – so I don’t think reading about that will be particularly useful to anyone else.

I’m also not really getting much time to write the book, and I suspect that time is only going to decrease as I start doing more mother and baby activities. If I were motivated of course I would find the time – but as I’m not, it’s easier to just leave it for now. So I’ll keep this one in the background, and I may come back to it. 

Writing down ideas
I’m always doing this, so nothing to report here.

Charity and community projects
I have been attending my Rotary club’s meetings, and have a couple of things I’m working on. It’s not so easy to attend events and help at those at the moment, but hopefully that will become easier in future. It’s a family friendly club, so it’s nice to be able to take my daughter along to meetings, even if she either sleeps or feeds the whole way through!!

So what next?

I’m going to continue with my personal photography projects. 

And I’ll mull over the writing project to decide whether I want to stop working on it, continue as it is, or whether I need to rethink it and change something before continuing.

If you have any thoughts on my photography or writing projects please do comment below. 

4 thoughts on “My creative progress and current barriers

  1. Your photo cards are lovely! They’re definitely good enough. I’ve no idea how you promote them so that enough people know about them for them to sell. Well done for doing so much with a small baby 🙂

    • Thanks Sally 🙂 I tried Etsy before but found exactly that, you need to promote to get any interest. I think if I’m serious about it I’ll need to think about that properly. For now I just wanted somewhere to show some examples e.g. to local craft shops.
      Having a small baby definitely focuses the mind – and I only get anything done if (1) she is asleep for long enough (2) I have nothing else more urgent or important to do (3) I’m in the right mood for doing something on a project! So it’s much slower progress, but I have plenty of time to think, if not to actually do things 🙂

  2. I was going to say exactly what Sally said! Your photos stand up to anything else out there and I would be pleased to see them for sale somewhere. However (and this may be my own issues talking as I’m trying to do this myself right now!), I don’t know how you get people to find your photos and buy them. In any typical online store or real life store there are so many other photos out there already it’s a crap shoot whether someone buys yours (any given person’s) or not!
    If you don’t have some sort of gimmick or unique feature to your work then the best thing may be to steer people to your own website to purchase.
    Even in Etsy it’s so easy to get distracted by something else and end up not buying what you intended to!

    • Thanks for the comment Katherine 🙂 I think Etsy is a useful place to sell things without having to set up a shop/Paypal etc on my own site – but you’re right, one of the things I could do is link to Etsy and drive the sales from my own website.

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