Things on my mind right now – babies and creativity

I’ve drafted a couple of longer blog posts but I don’t feel motivated to finish them. So I thought I’d write something shorter instead. These are the things on my mind right now.

Being a new mum – after 3 months it’s no longer weird, and I do get sleep. But the only time I get to myself is when my daughter is asleep. And there are chores and admin to be done. Also, I can’t go anywhere without her for longer than an hour in case she gets hungry. Which is lovely yet not!

Baby sleep and feeding patterns – you just can’t predict them, babies do what they want. As long as you get sleep and get to eat at some point during the day, and they’re happy, I think that’s enough. Schedules and plans? Not in a baby’s vocabulary!

Finding the “village” – apparently it takes a village to raise a child. In other words a support network, both emotional and practical. I’m still trying to figure out who’s in our “village”. It’s hard. Old friends adapting and changing, far away friends not able to help, new mum friends not that easy to find.

Social media – I need it, yet I don’t.

My photo challenge – completed and partially written up. I’m not sure I feel like finishing the post though. I did the challenge, the photos were interesting and people liked them. I’ll do another one sometime in future on a different theme. I may finish the blog post at some point. If you’d like to see the photos, they’re here.

My other projects and ideas – despite aspiring to continue my creative projects, most will have to wait or just progress very very slowly. But I can still write short blogs and take photos, those are things that just about fit into my spare minutes.

One image from my August photo challenge (black and white):

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