Why I love writing

When I’m not on maternity leave, I work as a project director, managing communications projects and all the associated finances and resources. I like managing projects, but what I’m particularly drawn to is writing and photography. So it’s nice to indulge in both of those when I have time.

Why do I love writing? 

It often involves research. Some of the blogs and articles I write are just opinion, random bits of rambling from my brain – this post for example. But sometimes I write about places I’ve visited or events I’ve been involved in, and I like to include some facts with those. And I also enjoy finding out about new topics, so it’s a great excuse to do some research and collect it all together in writing.

It’s creative. Writing and photography are my two creative outlets, where everyone else is busy knitting, gardening or making amazing cakes. I have in the past dabbled with writing what I call “creative snippets” – tiny slices of life. And maybe I’ll go back to those at some point. (See my Amazon page for one such collection.) But these days I’m back to writing factual articles and blog posts, which are still creative, just in a different way.

It’s part of my thought process. I think by writing. Setting out the topic, working out the parameters, collecting together information or a variety of thoughts or facts, and finally putting some structure around the details. Like this blog post for example, I’m thinking through the answer to that question as I write and adding in thoughts as I come up with them. Arranging and rearranging words and sentences.

People read it. If I publish a blog post, I get comments, retweets, likes and shares. Sometimes I write something that someone else really relates to, and they take the time to tell me that. Knowing that my thoughts are useful to others too is nice. I’d still write though, even if nobody ever read what I wrote.

It has an end result. It’s nice to type, move words around, read and finalise a blog post or article. And at the end, there’s something to show for it. Digital media does feel less finished somehow than printed media, I’m not quite sure why. This is why I would love to have some articles published in magazines or newspapers. Or to publish a book.

I can do it in my spare moments. Writing can be done while looking after a baby. Typing on an iPad, ideas and whole blog posts, all written in stages while feeding my daughter.

It keeps my brain busy on maternity leave. Going from a busy job to 4 weeks off while heavily pregnant, to looking after a baby was a bit of a shock to my brain! Whenever I’m between contracts, projects or jobs I tend to find things to do with my brain, which inevitably includes blogging more regularly.

What next?

I would love to write one-off articles or a series of articles – even a “proper” book. For now, I’m going to continue writing blog posts, on whatever takes my fancy. I don’t plan to post a lot about motherhood itself, probably more about my exploration of new ways to continue with my interests.

Look out for my next blog post – on why I love photography. Below is an image from my recent photo challenge.

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