Why I love photography 

My last blog post was about why I love writing. Never one to be tied to just a single interest, I also love photography – this is why…….

It helps me notice things. When I did my first photo challenge month back in 2013, I realised that taking one photo a day made me more aware of my surroundings. I’d already been doing that with the creative snippets I’d been writing at the time, so this was another way of experiencing the same thing. That’s why I’ve continued to do photo challenges every now and then, to remind myself of the world around me. They’ve helped me through tough times on more than one occasion by giving me something creative to focus on.

It captures moments. Doing the photo challenges, I noticed that my photos generally fall into two categories; the world around me, and objects that I came across while going about my day to day life. And looking back at all my photos over the years, they tell a story of my life at at time. Whether I was focusing more on people, places or things. Moments in time, captured forever on a photo. 

It’s one of my ways of being creative. I gave up art when we made our subject choices for GCSE, because I didn’t enjoy it and wasn’t any good at it. Since then I’ve found other ways to be creative, and have become more aware of that in the last few years. I’ve been a photographer since I got my first camera aged around 7 or 8, way back before digital photography existed. And interestingly, I’ve always had an eye for similar things in my photos, you can see it in the holiday photos I took in Scandinavia as a child. 

You can exhibit them or put them on your own walls. This is something I haven’t done enough. Also of course I don’t have sufficient space to display all my favourite images! I first printed some images on canvasses a few years ago to decorate my office when I became self-employed. I’ve since printed a few more for other rooms in our house, and recently framed some prints as well. I was very excited to see one of my photos in a local exhibition that opened at the weekend, as it is the first time I’ve exhibited anything or entered a photo competition.

You can use your smartphone. This of course is a recent addition to the list. I started with a small film camera, had an APS one (remember those?!), then a small digital one, and bought a digital SLR to take away on our honeymoon to New Zealand. I still use that camera and prefer it  for “proper” photography, but I did buy a small Lumix a couple of years ago for those occasions when I don’t want to carry a camera and lenses. And in the last few years having been very busy, I’ve probably taken as many photos with my iPhone as with either of my cameras. It’s not great for zooming in or for a quality image, but it captures the essence of a moment or a place. 

Can still do it while looking after a baby. In the last 3.5 months my lifestyle has changed significantly! From a full-time job to being a full-time mother on maternity leave. Which leaves even less time or opportunity for photography. But I have found ways to continue my photography – just in smaller doses and with a different end result. 

What next? 

I might try a photo hour or afternoon rather than a photo month – perhaps set myself a challenge for a walk. And I think my next blog post will be photography tips for new mums, I have been compiling a few ideas on what to include.

I snapped this photo while out with the pram last week. 

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