This week’s ponderings (motherhood, creativity)

This week, there’s too much in my brain. A couple of days this week have also been quite challenging, and I had to miss things I was looking forward to. So it’s a short post again.

So what’s in my head?

  • Things I’d like to do but can’t – many of which I’m content to forgo for now, but I do get life envy sometimes when I’m looking through social media and see all the holidays, nights out and interesting projects. It also gives me ideas for projects or trips. 
  • Project ideas – there’s a whole load of stuff floating around in my brain. If I put it on paper it looks scary and never gets done. If I file it electronically it’s there in my subconscious wanting attention. I don’t want to stop having ideas, but I also don’t want to feel like I’m not getting anything done because there is just so much half done or not yet started. Not sure how to deal with that one.
  • My blog. I’ve been worrying about my blog – what is it actually about now, and should it have just one topic? (I’ve concluded that it doesn’t matter. It’s my blog, my online space for pondering. So I will write what I feel like writing. And people will read what they want to read. I’ve just become a mum, and that’s going to get mentioned a fair bit. If you’ve come here because of a mum-related post, great (and if you’re local or also a new mum, please say hi!). If you’ve come here to read about creativity, photography, writing, freelancing, career change, places to visit, volunteering, then hello 🙂 There’s plenty of old content on here, just have a browse.)
  • Tasks, phone calls, admin – there’s always lots of this, and babies add more! 
  • What to do with a baby when it’s wet and cold. Other than booked classes, going to shopping centres, and eating cake, where is there to go that’s indoors? Do we have any baby friendly art galleries or museums near Maidenhead? 
  • Managing expectations – just because something is in the diary, a baby often has other ideas! Being a mother involves a lot of adjusting of plans, having alternative ideas up your sleeve, and requires friends to understand when plans have to be changed. I think this is my own lesson for the week……. 

I posted this photo on Instagram this week and lots of people liked it. It was taken at Cliveden, the National Trust house and gardens. I had to wait for the path to be clear as there were people wandering along it. 

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