Things I love this week 

There’s no chance of a longer post this week, between a grumpy baby and my lack of sleep. So here once again is a gratitude list….. things I love this week.

  • Fancy shower gel – a couple of people bought me new mum presents of lovely smelling shower gel and bath stuff. My morning shower is my 5 minutes to myself, and it also wakes me up. And when I have fancy shower gel to use, it’s even nicer. (Christmas present tip… John Lewis vouchers so I can buy more shower gel!)
  • Autumn colours – lots of these around looking photogenic, especially the red trees.
  • Spotify playlists – in particular the one I created for dancing around the living room with my daughter. It includes Insomnia by Faithless (of course, says anyone who knows me in ‘real life’), and I added some salsa tunes to it this week. It’s a bit eclectic. 
  • Really nice cups of tea – those ones that just taste amazing for some reason, and also the ones that you finally have at 4pm after not having had one all day.
  • Seeing the world through a baby’s eyes – they find their own hands fascinating, love shadows on walls, stare at shiny things, and smile broadly at the simplest events and objects.

Shades of autumn on a local walk:

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