How to overcome the new mum January blues

I’m having an attack of the new mum January blues. Not enough sleep, changes in routine, worrying about stuff that’s a few months away, miserable weather. So what can I do?

  • See people every day – be around other mums and babies, or family or friends.
  • Talk to people – share problems and challenges, ask for advice, ask for practical help.
  • Recognise how far I’ve come – congratulating a friend on a new arrival gave me a flashback to the early days and made me realise how much we’ve learned.
  • Be flexible – change the routine as new things come along eg weaning
  • Accept baby sleep for what it is – babies sleep differently to adults. Adapt with each new phase, find ways to get as much sleep as possible.
  • Be imperfect. It’s ok to not have a weekly meal plan or make everything from scratch.
  • Don’t think about going back to work, other than the necessary planning. The months will pass too quickly, don’t wish them away.
  • Get out for a walk every day, even if the weather is miserable. There are always things to see, or people to bump into. A bit of fresh air can do wonders. Take a few photos.

What’s worked for you in overcoming the January blues?

3 thoughts on “How to overcome the new mum January blues

  1. I also have the January blues, I think it’s the run of grey days we’ve had recently. What helps me is getting outside and exercise, so a daily walk is perfect. Your list sounds like a great plan, I hope you start feeling better soon. xx

    • Thanks Sally – yes it’s the greyness of January and the dark evenings. I try to make the most of the sunny days and enjoy them! I’m glad you’re getting out and about too.

  2. Oven food is my saviour! I probably manage one bake a week but apart from that it’s oven food all the way!

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