Things to do on maternity leave – some ideas

I’ve already written my own personal list (here) as a reminder of places I want to visit. Many of the places on that list of course are specific to living in Maidenhead. So I thought I’d write this as a more general list to be of use to more mums. There are a few Maidenhead links included too.


I love to get outside, and apparently it’s also good for making babies sleep….

There are all sorts of places to visit once you start looking for them – which may be just for your benefit at the moment, but when that small baby is running around and needing entertainment and tiring out, they’ll be another option for somewhere to go.

Many places have membership schemes, annual parking passes, or offer an annual membership to visitors who donate via gift aid and remember to keep their receipts.


  • National Trust and English Heritage properties
  • Zoos, family farms, bird parks, gardens, children’s attractions
  • Walks – footpaths, rivers, parks
  • Buggy fit classes


It’s tricky to find indoor things to do with babies – toddlers can at least be entertained at soft play centres. We don’t have any big museums or really large shopping centres near us, so it’s been harder to find things to do in bad weather.

I have spent a fair bit of time in our local John Lewis, which is out of town, and working my way round different cafes sampling their cakes!

  • Museums
  • Aquariums
  • Large shopping centres
  • Indoor attractions eg tropical plants, butterflies
  • Pet shops
  • Soft play (for ones local to Maidenhead, see Maidenhead Mum’s blog post)
  • Cafes
  • Fitness classes that you can take baby to as well


And of course there are baby-focused activities – we’re very lucky in Maidenhead as there’s a lot of choice, including groups run by our councils’s children’s centres.

  • Children’s centres
  • Baby sensory, Hartbeeps and similar music and sensory classes
  • Baby sign language
  • Messy play, outdoor play
  • Tumble Tots – physical activity class
  • Ante natal groups and coffee meetups – more for mums, a chance to share experiences and tips with other mums
  • Toddler groups – churches, community centres, schools
  • Swimming


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