How to find local mum and baby activities

If you’re new to being a mum or have moved area, where on earth do you find out about local things to do? I’ve listed some general ideas on this blog post, and some Maidenhead ideas here.

To find similar things in your area, try the following. Some groups are easy to find through a google search, others you just stumble across or hear of through other people.

Social media

  • Facebook groups eg local Gossip Girls, local Mum groups
  • Twitter chats – once you start following local mums or activity providers, you’ll come across the hashtags for weekly Twitter chats. (If you want to learn more about Twitter, my ebook may be of interest.)


  • Mumsnet, netmums, Baby Centre
  • Mush (blog and app) – a great way to make contact with other local mums
  • Other apps and websites eg Hoop (lists activities), Peanut (find mum friends), Meet Other Mums
  • Local websites and blogs eg in the Maidenhead area we have Maidenhead Mum, Berkshire Mummies, Marlow mums, Mums About Cookham

Out and about

  • Word of mouth
  • Posters or leaflets in GP surgery, newsagents, library, community noticeboards

Have you found a class another way? Found a useful website?

Please share in the comments!

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