Gratitude – featuring babies and the outdoors

I was talking to a couple of friends last weekend about post-natal mental health. In particular how motherhood feels 6-8 months in, after the intense early phase is over.

Two of the themes that came up in my conversation were comparisons and loneliness, both of which impact a new mum’s mental health, but for different reasons. I’d add another theme to that – identity.

I was going to write about these. But in starting to do so it made me feel very negative and introspective. Maybe I’ll revisit those at some point. Perhaps I won’t.

So instead, here are a few things I’m grateful for or have made me smile recently:

  • Fresh air and walking
  • Sunshine and signs of spring
  • Ante-natal class friends
  • Blocks of sleep – a few hours in a row is a lovely thing!
  • Trying a few new recipes via Hello Fresh
  • The joy babies get out of the simplest things – boxes with lids, picking things up and looking underneath them, watching people walk past, examining bits of broccoli
  • A sleeping baby – whether on me or in her cot

This was a sunrise I was lucky enough to see recently. The benefit of being up early with a small person!

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