What’s this blog all about anyway?

I see other people with their lovely one topic blogs, and I’m a little envious that they can describe their blog’s content so easily. Not to mention that they’re seen as experts on that subject, which often leads to other opportunities for them. I’ve been writing this blog for almost 6 years and it’s still just another blog, a collection of my ramblings, one where people read the articles if they sound of interest, but where I and they know there’s no real theme.

I’ve categorised the posts into themes, because I like categorising things, it’s tidy and organised. Creating, Exploring, Organising, Pondering, and Motherhood.

I’ve also categorised some of them by project, so if someone were so inclined they could look back at a specific project I’ve done. Come Blog With Me for example, or a 30 Day Challenge.

But the fact remains, it’s a bit of a random collection of styles and content. The only threads that run through it are (1) I like to include photos (2) the topics are ones that interest me.

I relate to the term “scanner”, popularised by Barbara Sher, author of Refuse to Choose, and brought to life by John Williams with the Scanners Nights he used to run in London.

It means that I’m interested in lots of things, and if I settle on one for a while I start to feel like I’m missing out on something else. I love to set up new projects or initiatives and then hand them over to other people. Or to research an idea, write about it, and then move on to the next idea. In recent years it has had an influence on my career choices. I currently work for an agency, which is an endless source of variety. I’ve been a freelancer, choosing which projects to take on. I also do voluntary work, but for Rotary not just for one charity.

I’ve thought for a long time that I’d love to be a freelance writer, exploring new topics all the time. And that’s kind of what this blog is I suppose – a substitute for being a freelance writer, where I get to choose all the topics. So if other people read it and like it, that’s a bonus.

A photo of a knitted hedgehog. Just because.

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