Last week’s ponderings – mainly about snow

I started this blog post when there was snow all around. Now there’s not and it does feel a little out of date.

But, some important life questions remain:

  • Do they make gloves for babies? Because mine doesn’t like mittens.
  • What about baby balaclavas to protect their faces against the cold wind?
  • What happens to all those keen flowers that popped out before the snow?
  • How do you entertain a 9 month old baby (and keep yourself sane) when there are no classes to go to and you can’t get out for walks?! For some reason no Mum blogger has ever written about this, or at least Google can’t find it if they have..
  • Is it mean to order pizza knowing that some poor delivery person will have to get in their car and negotiate snow and icy roads to deliver it?
  • Am I weird for eating ice cream in this weather?

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