My mat leave creative plans – a final update

So in July last year I wrote this list of 4 things I planned to do during my maternity leave. You can read about it here, with an update here.

As the final deadline I gave myself was the end of my maternity leave, which is approaching, did I achieve all these things?

Photography competition

Yes – I entered Maidenhead and Me, and my photo was exhibited along with all the other entrants.

The theme this year is people. I’m not a people photographer, so I probably won’t enter this time. Although I do have one idea, including a title – if I get a chance to take that photo I may change my mind and enter!

E-book about my creative projects

This stalled in the end as I just don’t get enough uninterrupted time now. Plus when I do, I’m catching up on things that are far more important to our household than a random e-book idea I had once.

I did finish off another e-book and publish it though! (You can buy it here. Please do consider looking, I know it sounds a bit eclectic but you might like it. And it doesn’t cost very much.)

I have also come up with a million other e-book ideas and discovered another one that needs finishing.

Writing down creative ideas

Yes. A lot of them.

Community events and involvement in Rotary

Yes. This got easier once I was able to leave my daughter with my husband for a few hours. So I’ve helped at a toy reindeer racing event, a health awareness day and an Easter fair. As well as continuing to go to club meetings when I can.

In conclusion

Am I glad I set these goals? Yes because it meant I actually entered something into the Maidenhead and Me exhibition. And I deliberately limited the number and scope of the things I said I wanted to do.

Am I sad I didn’t achieve them all? No, because I did publish one thing.

And because watching my daughter pick up bits of food and examine them, crawl quickly towards me, or pull herself up on a table are such lovely things. I wouldn’t want to miss them.

What are my next creative plans? Watch this space……..

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