Things going on with this blog

So I’ve finished maternity leave, starting back at work as a freelance marketing and communications consultant, focusing on health.

I decided that my motherhood-focused posts belonged in a separate place, as I still have lots to say on the subject of being a mum, but I suspect it’s not of interest to everyone who has been reading this blog for a while.

So, a few of the posts remain but many of them have been moved to a new blog, Little Steps in Motherhood, which you can view here. It also has its own Facebook page, which you can access here.

That new blog will do its own thing, leaving this one to focus on creativity and my other usual ramblings, It means it might be quiet round here for a while. But if you’ve just stumbled on the blog, there are plenty of old posts to read. Click here for some of my favourites. And you can also still buy my ebooks if you like – links accessible from here.

I’ll be back here from time to time with non mum-related stuff – see you soon!

This photo was taken at my Rotary club’s end of year handover night, the first proper night out I’d had by myself in over a year! The sun setting over Berkshire was a beautiful setting for a lovely evening.

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