The realisation that I can’t do everything

I started writing a To Do list last night. I love a good list.

But it got longer and longer and longer. And I realised I’m never going to finish everything on it.

There’s admin on there, some that’s been piling up during my maternity leave. There are important things like my company accounts, and making my daughter’s vaccination appointment. And things on the list I’d like to do.

My lists have always been long. My last job was very busy, and I didn’t always find enough time outside it for me, friends and family, my projects or my voluntary work. My freelance life before that was definitely better balanced.

But now as well as all the things I want to do and need to do, there’s all the admin and DIY associated with a child! Nursery payments, baby-proofing our house, sorting out all the clothes she grows out of so quickly, endless cleaning of the kitchen….

At weekends my husband and I are effectively now only one person in terms of our joint productivity. Unless she has a nice chunky nap at a convenient time in a sensible place, one of us has to look after our daughter even if it’s just letting her potter around in the same room.

So how on earth am I going to get everything done?

Well the truth is, I’m not, am I. So I have to find a way to do the essentials, earn some money, while still doing things for me and enjoying my own day to day life.

That’s a work in progress. I’m expecting it to adjust over time, depending on whether I’m contracting in someone’s office for a while or working at home, and what urgent stuff comes up for me to deal with.

I do need to write though, and somehow I have to find time for that, even if it’s a half hour at the start of a working day to get my creative brain going.

If you’ve managed to find a way that works for you, let me know in the comments. If you’re also still learning how to navigate these new circumstances, please do share some tips!

I don’t have time for gardening at the moment, so I just let this bed turn itself into a colourful collection of flowers and flowering weeds…..

Photo 15-05-2018, 08 54 37 (1)

2 thoughts on “The realisation that I can’t do everything

  1. Hey Nina. Thank you so much for your posts… it relates so much to my own life that I sometimes feel that you’re here with me and write about my life rather than yours!! I wish I had answers to your questions but I don’t… I am loving reading your posts though xx

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