Book review – Maternity Leavers by Soozi Baggs

I enjoy reading books on self-development in its many forms. And at various points in the last year I’ve had time to read quite a lot of books on my iPad. I hope to write a few book reviews, pointing towards books I have found useful.

The first of these is about Maternity Leavers by Soozi Baggs.

This book looks at different options for working as a mum, and is aimed at those women who want to think differently about work now they have a child to look after. For those of us that were employed and took maternity leave, it highlights what to think about when deciding whether to go back to that job. Sometimes that’s a simple yes or no, sometimes there are ideas like flexible working and job shares to consider.

It then provides a comprehensive overview of different options other than returning to that job, including self-employment as a freelancer, selling products, buying a franchise, and also considers other ways of making money eg blogging.

What I found particularly helpful about this book is that as well as laying all of these out in a nice easy to read format, the practicalities and mental/emotional sides of this decision are covered. It’s a very realistic book, with Soozi offering first hand advice from her own experience, and pointing the reader to useful resources.

I decided to go back to freelancing and contracting initially after my own maternity leave, and I’m continuing to dip into this book to look for other ideas to complement that type of work. I really do recommend this book if you’re thinking “there must be another way”. It doesn’t of course provide all the answers, but it gives inspiration and ideas, along with places to go next to explore more.

If you’d like to get a copy of this book click here to buy from Amazon. This is an affiliate link, meaning that I’ll get a small sum in return for sending you to the website. If you’d prefer I don’t get this, you can just search for the book in Amazon or another ebook retailer in the usual way.

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