Things I love this week – ideas and oranges

It’s been a week or so of lurgy. That horrid cold that just won’t go away. Turns out it’s all over the place, from Cambridge to California to Qatar, according to my Facebook friends.

Anyway, there are always a few glimmers of loveliness in a week. Here are this week’s ones…

  • Toddler antics – putting lids on cups and lining them up. decanting objects from one bowl to another and back again
  • Flowers – my orchid in the kitchen has flowers, and my purple crocuses in the garden are out in force
  • Friends – a catch up over hot chocolate and cake, then bumping into one while out for a walk, and plans to meet another soon
  • Oranges – in desperate need of feeling like I was doing something healthy, I bought an orange the other day. It was so tasty, so I bought another one from the same shop earlier
  • Work – some additional work from an existing client, and something pencilled in as a possibility for a new one
  • Ideas – I’m always having them, I’m just trying to work out how to tame them!


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