Me and my writing

I’ve been a bit stop-start on my blog over the last few years, blogging less when I have had less spare time.

But whatever else I do with my daily life, I am a writer as well. I rediscovered that back in 2012, writing every day as part of a 30 Day Challenge. And ever since then I’ve never quite known what to do with it, where it fits in.

When I’m busy with other things and don’t get quiet time to sit down and write, my blog falls by the wayside for a while. Sometimes I try and reinvent it with a new name, or a separate blog altogether. But I always come back to it.

If I could have time and energy to write every day, I would. I’d write a few blog posts each week, I’d spend time crafting a regular newsletter for my email subscribers, and I’d have an ebook project on the go.

The problem is, it doesn’t pay money, not doing those things. To get money I’d have to pitch myself out as a freelance writer and write about topics other people wanted me to write about. Or spend a lot of time promoting ebooks that don’t really bring in that much money. And then I wouldn’t have the creative energy for my own writing projects.

And I don’t have enough time to write that often and earn money too.

But the work that does pay me money often gets in the way of my creative energy. It’s either full-on project management which requires lots of managing and thinking time, or it’s work that just takes away my desire to spend any more time in front of a computer. (I should point out here that as well as writing, I love the first stage of project management – taking ideas and turning them into plans. But more on that another time……)

I’ve been a writer since I was a child. Holiday diaries, projects and creative essays were just natural things for me to write. And despite a bit of dabbling and many holiday diaries, I didn’t reconnect with it until I was in my thirties. So I know I’ll find a way to make sure it stays part of my life, I just haven’t figured that bit out yet.

In the meantime, I’ve got two ebooks lurking on Amazon, waiting to be purchased and enjoyed. If you’d like to buy one, you can find them here.

Mysterious lights on the wall, because, well why not.

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