Help! I keep having ideas!

I’ve been having a day of ideas. On a day when I haven’t had time to develop any of them, because I had a lot of paid work to do.

In the shower, one came to me. It was a variation on one I’d had before and parked as I didn’t have time for it then.

Putting my daughter to bed at the end of a busy day, a business name came into my head. I’ve just had a quick look to see what website addresses are available.

And while I was writing that down, another idea popped into my head for a service I could offer.

I love ideas.

I love taking them and thinking about what would be needed to make them happen. When I’m in that frame of mind I can fill endless notebooks with these plans. I love thinking about the possibilities, and thinking about the little details.

But what happens when I’ve thought about them?

Often nothing. Very often I don’t have time to pursue them, so they just languish in a notebook. Until the next time my brain feels all creative and an idea pops up again in a slightly different format.

Sometimes I get further than that. Sometimes I buy a website address. I have quite a collection, I have to cull them every now and then.

And occasionally I even develop an idea into a blog that I write on for a while, or create a logo, or make some initial enquiries.

Now, I also love doing this to other people’s ideas. The difference being that with other people’s ideas, I actually make them happen. Because the person who had the idea is the kind of person who can sell it, or knows who to turn to for the next steps. All they need is a plan and someone to prod them every now and then to keep it on track.

Very occasionally an idea of mine, or an idea jointly had/brainstormed with someone else, turns into an actual thing. A Tweetup for example. A health awareness day. A fundraising event that included a Highland cow hat and an inflatable TARDIS. All of these ideas have one thing in common – other people were involved right at the start. (Oh, and they were non-profit or charity fundraising events, organised and promoted under the banner of Rotary.))

So I don’t mind too much that my ideas live in notebooks. Because I don’t have time to make them all happen. Because I so enjoy sketching out how they could come to life. And because every now and then I either meet someone who needs me to make their ideas happen. Or I have an idea with someone else, and we make it happen together and/or with a team.

If you want to read about one of the ideas that did make it to reality, have a look at this article linked below. We raised over £1500 for a charity called Wheelpower (which supplies sports wheelchairs to disabled athletes.) Not bad for an idea that came to us at 1am in a hotel bar in Bournemouth!

Daisies and dandelions – this photo reminds me of a collection of ideas waiting to see if anyone wants them!
Daisies and dandelions

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