Pointing things out

I realised that I spend quite a lot of my time these days pointing things out to a small person.

Sitting in the living room, I’m made aware of just how many planes come in to land at Heathrow each day, as I point many of them out to her.

Wandering around the local area I point out magnificent red kites flying in the sky, their huge wide wings floating on the breeze.

I point out dogs, all shapes and sizes. Sometimes she sees them first and points them out to me.

As well as the jumbo jets I point out the small planes from the nearby airfield. One set of wings, two sets and occasionally three sets. Different colours, some so low you can see their registration numbers.

I also point out birds and squirrels, but she remains fairly unimpressed by those so far. Squirrels just move too fast, disappearing the moment I set eyes on them. And birds aren’t always so easy to spot.

I point out the weather, clouds and the sun, I point out shapes and colours, I point out shadows and interesting lights.

And she’s started pointing out playgrounds with an excited noise.

I suspect this is just the start of our “pointing things out” journey – once she can talk there’ll be no stopping her……

A cheeky squirrel we came across in Hyde Park once. It seemed unimpressed by us.

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