Have you ever watched a toddler?

I never really spent time watching children until I had one. But now I have a 22 month old daughter, it’s something I spend a lot of time doing.

I read a description some time ago that I love – saying that small children are like little scientists. They’re investigating the physical and social worlds around them.

And everything is just fascinating to them.

Last week I picked my daughter up from nursery. She was sitting in a large cardboard box, gazing at a mirror on the wall, talking to herself animatedly. She was so entertained by her own game that she didn’t notice me walk into the room!

Sometimes she picks up objects and turns them over and over in her hands, or brings them closer to her face so she can examine them more thoroughly.

She loves throwing things on the floor, both heavy things and lighter things. And bits of her dinner, obviously. Watching how they fall, observing what I do.

And some days her favourite game is putting an object into a cup, then transferring it to another cup, and back again, and so on. Occasionally involving me by asking me to hold one of the cups.

One morning she lined up three Tommee Tippee cups and put the lids on them all, swapping the lids round until she was happy with the configuration.

Of course that’s just the indoor world! The outdoor world has dogs in it, and birds, and other people both large and small.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see the world like that every day? Exploring all the fascinating man-made objects and natural sights around us as if you’d never seen them before.

Art, toddler style….

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