Disjointedness and time

It all feels disjointed and there’s too much going on.

My paid work sometimes bears no resemblance to the things I like doing.

I run out of time for me every week.

I never get round to certain important tasks. Until they become urgent. Or until they don’t so they just lurk in my brain.

I keep coming up with new ideas.

I listened to a brilliant podcast about that. About focus. The only time I’ve listened to a podcast in recent memory. I don’t usually make time.

Focus. That’s what I need. Focus on one or two things. Not everything.

“You can do everything. Just not at once. ” Not sure who said that. But it’s wise.

I’m sitting here writing this with a cup of tea as my break. But actually should I be taking a short walk instead? Because time is in such short supply, and I really really can’t do both, sadly.

Friends. Sorry to those people I don’t get in touch with for ages, I’ve become useless. And then I feel sad when I don’t have plans, or don’t see people.

I don’t know the solution. Maybe there isn’t one.

But there’s a change ahead for work, a change in focus of some of my paid work. Concluding some projects.

So yet again a chance to renew thoughts and plans.

Reinvention every few months, it’s a good thing. Maybe this time I’ll use it wisely.

2 thoughts on “Disjointedness and time

  1. This is so me Nina, you are not alone. Every week I say I am going to make more time for myself and caring for myself. I have apps on my phone to track these things but still I feel like I alway run out of time and then I have to reset for the next week…

    • We’re all so busy these days, it’s hard to put ourselves on our to do lists at all, let alone put ourselves first. I wonder what the solution is. I hope there is one.

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