A gratitude post

Today I’m feeling grateful.

I’m grateful to be alive.

I may want to lose some weight, eat more healthily and exercise more often, but I’m well.

I have a lovely husband and an amazing curious daughter.

I still have both my parents, and my sister and niece are nearby.

I have friends locally and all over the world, both close friends and passing acquaintances.

I’m part of a voluntary organisation that does so much good in the world including in local communities.

I’ve travelled all over the world with many many memories and still get to travel a bit.

I enjoy capturing moments with photos and words.

I love listening to music.

I like exploring new places – walking, wandering, smelling, seeing, listening, touching things.

I have food, shelter, clean water.

I have work that pays me money, I can do the work from home, and I can choose what work I say yes to.

I’ve worked with lots of brilliant people and teams over the years, some of who have influenced my thinking and my life immeasurably. And I have lovely memories of many of the projects and events that connected us all.

I’m free to make choices.

But above all I’m here. Living those moments – the amazing highs, the horrible lows, trudging through the mundane stuff and making little every day observations.

The sea – one of my favourites things, even though I don’t get to see it very often.

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