Watching Maidenhead change

This week I’ve been focusing on my freelance business – updating marketing materials and going out and meeting people. Which combined with the rainy weather means that there hasn’t been much opportunity for a proper walk.

But as one of my meetings was in town, I took the opportunity to take another photo for a growing series I started a couple of years ago.

Parts of Maidenhead town centre are a bit of a building site at the moment – a lot of new buildings are springing up. Over the last few years I’ve found myself wandering around the waterside area quite a bit, especially when I was in the early days of motherhood and had a sleeping baby in a pram!

I started this series before The Colonnade was demolished, realising that the view would be changing very soon afterwards. And I kept going back, adding a new photo to my series each time. It’s not yet complete of course, but it’s a fascinating record of an area and its evolution.

The earliest photo is in the top left, from January 2018. The latest one is bottom right.

I’ve taken a few photos from and near the York Road bridge further along the waterway, the first of which was published in the Maidenhead Advertiser’s Big Picture feature.

The top photo is the first one, taken in June 2018.

As well as these, I’ve been taking photos in the area by the Nicholson Centre car park.

The first photo in this series, top left, is from June 2019 when the preparations were being made to demolish the buildings. You can get a great aerial view from the car park, from a different angle.

It’s nice to collect a series of photos of the same thing over time. I’d like to do a similar thing with a landscape view, capturing the seasons, but that feels as if it takes more planning!

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