A plethora of penguins

I’ve decided to look back in my photo archive and share some of my older photos.

Today it’s penguins. I love penguins. I’ve been fascinated by them for many many years, and even if people only know me as a passing acquaintance online, that’s possibly the one thing they know about me!

My favourite places for a day trip to wander and take photos of penguins are Birdworld, Birdland, Cotswold Wildlife Park and London Zoo. They all have other attractions to look at, but I do tend to spend a larger proportion of my time with the penguins…..

Below are just a few of my favourite photos that I’ve taken. I have hundreds of others!

Birdworld’s penguins enjoy mingling with the vegetation
One penguin, many poses
Birdland is the only place in England where you can see majestic King penguins.
King penguins are so beautiful to photograph, all the colours and the patterns

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