What does photography mean to you?

I wrote this post as part of a new blog a couple of months ago, little knowing what was going to be happening in the world in the near future.

I hoped that through it I’d get the chance to connect with some friends I already knew liked photography, and meet some new local people who shared the same interest.

But of course that’s on hold for the moment, as we all stay at home to keep ourselves safe and make sure our healthcare workers can look after the people that really need them right now.

So the focus of my blogging turns inwards a little, as I start to think about why photography is so important to me, especially at times like this. 

During my childhood, my dad was our family photographer. He took lots of photos on our excursions in the UK, visits to relatives, and on holidays in Scandinavia – all developed as slides cameraand sometimes printed for family albums.

I got my first camera when I was about 9, and it was a film camera. Over the years I’ve gone through all sorts of different types of cameras, and phases of taking photos of different things.

(The camera in this photo appears to have been made using an OXO cube box and a toilet roll!)

Fast forward to the present day, and I’ve mainly used an iPhone for the last few years – although occasionally I do get out (in normal times) with my little Lumix or my Canon DSLR. I take a lot of photos of our daughter, who’s nearly three, as well as places we go. I also take photos of little details of nature and architecture – scenes from the outside world.

And these days my dad and I share our photographs on Instagram or WhatsApp, rather than in family slide shows!

I love photography because it’s a creative outlet for me. I often see photos when I look at the world, framing a view in my head as if it were a photo. I enjoy capturing moments, oblivious to everything else around me as I focus on the view or the detail. I like recording life. I look back on my photos and recall the circumstances around them as well as enjoying the image.

When I had major surgery a few years ago and spent most of my time at home for 6 weeks, I found myself little photography projects to pass the time and to have something nice to focus on.

So it’s not surprising that I’m taking quite a lot of photos at the moment. I’ve captured our garden springing to life over the last 6 weeks or so, with some photos of the roads, fields and trees near our house. And lots of images of the activities I’m doing with our daughter, as well as funny little moments unique to us. 

I’ve got a few ideas on ‘staying at home’ mini photography projects, with some examples of the ones I’ve done. I plan to share these over the coming weeks, probably here but likely also on Instagram. 

It would be lovely to connect with some other people also doing some home photo projects, as well as those lucky enough to live near interesting places that they can photograph!

Photo 29-03-2020, 10 56 12



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