I changed my mind, and I’m back!

So everyone is staying at home. We have been for a while. I may or may not decide to write about the actual lockdown in this blog, but I couldn’t write a new post after all this time without at least mentioning our current situation.

Anyway, so I decided at the end of last year that as I hadn’t written anything here in months it wasn’t worth continuing with this blog. I was trying to focus more on blogging and social media for my business. I did set up a separate photography blog, but I have since closed that and uploaded the posts here.

But I’ve had all sorts of thoughts as life has changed over the last six weeks or so, and am just following the ideas that appear and call to me – of which writing on this blog again is one that came to me this week. (It also has an ironically appropriate name now – as I don’t get to see much of the world except the bits that are just outside my window…)

The reason this thought has come into my head is that one of the things I really need to do right now is be authentic in my business communication – to be me. And I realised that this was the place I have done that over the last however many years. This blog started as one project, evolved into other things, but has always been an online place for my ponderings. I re-read some of my recent ramblings and noticed how much they reflect me and my thought process. 

A while ago I read the updated edition of Marianne Cantwell’s book “Be A Free Range Human”. In it she talks about how the way you promote yourself best depends on who you are – and that really struck a chord with me, because I’m an introvert and I really don’t enjoy shouting about myself on social media. I’d much rather other people did it for me.

So that’s why I’ve come back to this blog. To do something that’s more me. To see if I can find my way ahead by writing. Because blogging is like a thought process for me, it doesn’t feel like promotion. I’m writing about myself in a way that I’m comfortable with. And hopefully connecting with people who might want to work with me or will suggest that others read what I write.

And while I realise that I’m changing my mind and resurrecting an old blog, I’m giving myself permission to do that. If the work I do is part of me, then I have to find the right way to integrate all the different bits I like to do, and the right way to communicate that. And that sort of journey always seems to start with this blog.

This photo is a glimpse of the world outside my window – the bushes in our front garden and the road winding its way past our house.

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